Aug 25

Grigory Galitsin a human or a monster?
On the 28th of August the famous photo artist Grigory Galitsin has the last word in the court of Volgograd. They want to punish him for the shootings of half-naked girls and they also kept him in prison for several years. He was released from the prison not long ago but the attorney still wants a punishment for 7 years for him. The most interesting thing that Grigory Galitsin has a document according to what the expert commission which took part in the investigation about the case was close down one year before the investigation! This commission counted the art of Grigory is a terrible porno. Does it mean that he was put in prison in illegally? There was a lot of noise about this case! Continue reading »

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Jul 12

Type in Google Katya Petrova, Reynard the Fox, Katya Galitsin
Katyusha, Reynard the Fox. Continue reading »

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