Sep 29

Julia made herself renowned by being one of the first and most remarkable models on the Metart which at those times was better known as Most Erotic Teens. It was a romantic era of 1999-2000. For two years she had been one of the 5 MET’s top models sharing 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Her friend Valentina had long held the 5th place.

I was laughing at the Julia’s new alias (Eva Hazelnut: she was both a dancer and an actress dressed like a hot sexy housemaid with the scandalous past) Evochka Hazelnut. “Her sexy hard ass like a nut drives me crazy….” I am afraid that it would be impossible to make an accurate translation of this phrase into English. We found out about Zankina’s career in prison (by the way Irishka continues calling her like this). Having discharged from the prison I found only one clip where she was playing the leading role, not much but it was good for the beginning. She was writing that she was going to enter the most prestigious university of cinematography in Russia, but she would never do it. In Volgograd she was dismissed from the drama school for her immoral conduct! I can not imagine it! How could she be dismissed where all the students have immoral conduct?! Why did she stop acting? I have got several suggestions for it: maybe she found a paramour and started her relationship…. Julia is fond of different gifts and adventures…. Continue reading »

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Mar 22

*An Epic Achievement in Artistic Nude Photography!!!, April 26 2005
By Jack Gilbert “Editor of” (USA)*

I’ll say it right now – this is a MASTERPIECE! This is more than a book that was long overdue by one of this generation’s truly great artists. It’s a breakthrough, a smashing, in-your-face assault. It’s the ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ of nude photography books. It’s 144 pages of pure bliss!

Russian photographer Grigori Galitsin is well known to those denizens of the internet who’ve ventured into the realms of artistic nude photography, perusing such sites as,, and Galitsin’s own site, But to see his work in print is a staggering experience. It contains breathtaking images of all the gorgeous models made famous by Galitsin: Valentina, Alice, Julia, Katia, Krista, Liza, Nusia, Olesia, and many more. There is so much energy, so much beauty, it’s almost too much to take in one sitting. I’ll abstain from an intellectual review of what makes Galistin so special, but if lovers or artistic nudes, youthful beauty, and sensual erotica are looking for a Holy Grail in their genre – this is it. Generations from now, historians will likely view this publication as the most impactful and most influential of the early millennium. Move over Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Gauguin, and make room for Grigori Galitsin.
*The Nude Observer*
The best. A real artistic photographers, a concept creator (i love the galitsin colors) and a eternal dreamer. Galitsin take risks and keep a very inovativ vision during all her career. I prefer her soft pics than her hard pics but he still my favorit with Pavel Kiselev and Katarina Widmanska. Russians photographers are the best i don’t know why but it’s a fact.
What I have seen Galitsin is doing Art, not porn. Its just typical when others get along with all the perverted stuff published on the net and he is making something beautiful and he is blamed for being the bad guy.
I hope he will coming back soon.

“Grigori Galitsin is a world-renowned photographer from Volgograd, Russia. His work has appeared on numerous websites and magazines for many years and it is universally respected as pure, pristine, and sensuous. In many ways, Grigori Galitsin is a pioneer of a certain style of photography – we like to call it “romantic.” His models are always beautiful, his settings are idyllic, the moods his photos evoke are soft, sensuous, and somewhat mystical. A Galitsin photo seems almost lifted out of our dreams.

Grigori has been involved in art in one way or another most of his life. Working in painting, video, and photography, he has tirelessly expressed his vision of a purer, more sumptuous world. He was the winner of the Master Kodak Exhibition in 1997.

At the center of Grigori’s work is the mystique and beauty of Russia’s young models. But he is not a teen photographer. His subjects rather seem timeless in their innocence and charm. There is a certain sensual malaise to his models, as if they are basking on a warm summer day”

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Nov 11

Давно знал что обо мне есть статья в Википедии, но только на английском. Там хорошие, но немного устаревшие ссылки. Есть ссылка на полный набор моих обложек к фотосетам. Начиная с MET-ART, galitsin-archives, galitsin-news и заканчивая открывшимся за несколько дней до ареста NUD-ART В конце статьи ссылка Russian erotic photographers Открыв ее находим большую букву G и единственного фотографа в категории Russian erotic photographers Угадайте кого? Приятно быть единственным Russian erotic photographers За что я наверное и отсидел больше 3 лет! Continue reading »

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Oct 31

Я хочу вернуться на 10,5 месяцев назад, когда дело стало рассыпаться в суде и меня с женой Ириной выпустили из под стражи. Много раз спрашивал, не посадят ли снова. Конечно нет говорил адвокат, вы свое уже отсидели! Что же переменилось за это время?! Появились какие то новые доказательства нашей вины?! Нет скорее рассыпались оставшиеся. Продажей видео, заключением сделок, контрактов с зарубежными фирмами, занималась наша переводчица Катюша. Она успешно «по сотрудничала со следствием», подставила меня, ей не надо было напрягаться , Чернышов обо всем подумал за нее, у них с ним было полное взаимопонимание, я писал об этом. Конечно я не держал свечек и не заглядывал под стол, по этому все это остается моим внутренним убеждением, подкрепленным многочисленными фактами. Катюша быстро превратилась из обвиняемой в свидетельницу, потом так же быстро вышла замуж и уехала за границу. А деньги за ДВД, те за которые меня судят?! Я не смог даже обнаружить следов фирмы с которой Катюша заключала контракт. Нет ни фирмы, нет переводчицы Катюши, нет даже образцов ДВД, не сохранилось у меня. Есть денежки полученные Катюшей, есть довольный Чернышов отпустивший ее за границу. Есть не до возбужденное уголовное дело в отношении Катюши, по поводу исчезновения из моей студии очень крупной суммы денег (500.000рублей). Есть еще всеми забытый Вася Львов, который отвечал за возраст моделей, должен был проверять их паспорта, заказывать экспертизы. Выведенный из обвиняемых, даже не свидетель, просто под чистую. Не зря ведь… Continue reading »

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Sep 30

В ответ на свой пост получил письмо, от героя самой истории. Я убираю только личное обращение и ненужные подробности и перепечатываю письмо полностью. Меня всегда интересовали истории с продолжением. Continue reading »

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Sep 03

I was tormented by a feeling of guilt for a long time with respect to Sasha. It reminded me the plot of the film “Island”; it had something in common with this film. We had a competition with each other, later we saw each other in Odessa; again it was the notorious Met-Art. Now time has arranged everything in their right places.
For some period of time I thought that Sasha had tricked Maurizio when he had bought his photos of 13 years old models. But not, everything is continuing now it is like a double game. I have met my old fried Yura Devyatkin. With presence of Erotella I asked him a question, whether there were photos of under aged girls on the Met-Art. He answered shortly that there were, there are and there will be photos of under aged girls there. Several girls have recently come to him according to the ad for posing for a photo. He checked their certificates and it was found out that they were under aged. He asked them to come in a year or two when they would be 18 years old. In a month their photos were on the Met-Art. They have always asked younger girls and they did not check strictly their certificates and releases. Devyatkin says that Ingret and a lot of others permanent authors of the Met-Art are not fastidious about such shootings…Later cameramen and models became used materials and the same thing happened to Sasha but he wrote fairly about it…
A. Fradise Continue reading »

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Sep 02

Борьба с сексом в России вышла на новый виток, под флагом борьбы с педофилией.
Как человек, просидевший больше двух лет в тюрьме по статьям близким к этой теме, смею утверждать, что педофилии в России нет. Есть алкоголизм и совершаемые на этой почве сексуальные преступления. Есть отдельные случаи преступлений в отношении детей, касающиеся только неблагополучных семей, с пьющими или нетрудоустроенными родителями. Статистика по этим преступлениям сильно завышена, я бы сказал даже просто непомерно раздута. Вместо того, чтобы бороться с причиной этих преступлений, то есть социальными явлениями: безработицей, повальной цензурой, национализмом, фашизмом, репрессиями, нам предлагают пугало, образ врага, предмет всеобщей ненависти, чтобы отвлечь население от тем более актуальных. Continue reading »

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Aug 29

Tomina E.V. protects my wife Irina Galitsina. Our both public prosecutor and the substitute of the attorney of the Central District of Volgograd Chernyshev Sergey Vasilyevich knowing that my wife is in her sixth month of pregnancy and she is innocent in spite of it he demanded 3 years as a punishment in prison for her. Continue reading »

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Aug 25

Grigory Galitsin a human or a monster?
On the 28th of August the famous photo artist Grigory Galitsin has the last word in the court of Volgograd. They want to punish him for the shootings of half-naked girls and they also kept him in prison for several years. He was released from the prison not long ago but the attorney still wants a punishment for 7 years for him. The most interesting thing that Grigory Galitsin has a document according to what the expert commission which took part in the investigation about the case was close down one year before the investigation! This commission counted the art of Grigory is a terrible porno. Does it mean that he was put in prison in illegally? There was a lot of noise about this case! Continue reading »

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Jul 22

“Существовал обычай, по которому самурай мог испробовать новый меч на первом встречном простолюдине, – поэтому, завидев самурая, крестьяне снимали свои соломенные шляпы и падали на колени. “Если простолюдин окажет невежливость самураю, самурай может его убить”, – гласил закон.” Continue reading »

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