Sep 03

I was tormented by a feeling of guilt for a long time with respect to Sasha. It reminded me the plot of the film “Island”; it had something in common with this film. We had a competition with each other, later we saw each other in Odessa; again it was the notorious Met-Art. Now time has arranged everything in their right places.
For some period of time I thought that Sasha had tricked Maurizio when he had bought his photos of 13 years old models. But not, everything is continuing now it is like a double game. I have met my old fried Yura Devyatkin. With presence of Erotella I asked him a question, whether there were photos of under aged girls on the Met-Art. He answered shortly that there were, there are and there will be photos of under aged girls there. Several girls have recently come to him according to the ad for posing for a photo. He checked their certificates and it was found out that they were under aged. He asked them to come in a year or two when they would be 18 years old. In a month their photos were on the Met-Art. They have always asked younger girls and they did not check strictly their certificates and releases. Devyatkin says that Ingret and a lot of others permanent authors of the Met-Art are not fastidious about such shootings…Later cameramen and models became used materials and the same thing happened to Sasha but he wrote fairly about it…
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