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Aug 19

dimanche 23 mars 2008

MET ART is a website featuring photographs of partially or completely nude women. It has been online since 1999. As of May 2007, it was among the 500 most visited websites according to Alexa Internet.

The MET in MET ART originally stood for “Most Erotic Teens.” The site is focused on solo female softcore content, and does not cover images illustrating penetration, masturbation or other such direct sexual activities. Usually the pictorials are close in nature to the Playboy magazine, although with a wider range of models and styles. Currently, the site is updated three to seven times a day.

MET ART traditionally introduces picture sets with pages that resemble magazine covers. MET does, however, sell archives of selected photo shoots and movies on DVD.

MET ART was one of the first Internet site to propose High Resolution video clips of erotic nature.Clips are up to HDV resolution (1280×720). Since then, however, a few erotic websites like 18CloseUp or Teenhdv are proposing Full HD resolution clips.

Under a deal finalized in early January 2008, quote: WebQuest Inc. will manage the websites and webmaster affiliate program of HLP General Partners Inc., aka Met Art. WebQuest will work to enhance Met Art’s current websites, implement a full-featured affiliate program and build a portfolio of new cutting-edge sites and content offerings.

Met-Art is owned by HLP General Partner Inc, of Santa Monica, California, a Texas corporation that is the sole general partner of Hydentra, LP, a Delaware limited partnership. Texas corporation records show that the Officer of HLP General Partner is Maurizio Maranghi of Woodlands, TX. As the company is a partnership it can be assumed there are other owners apart from Maranghi. An Italian website has the teen-beauty.com website being owned by Maranghi, and lists an address in Milan, Italy. Hydentra LP operates it’s Met-Art business in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

In 2003/2004, Maurizio Maranghi was one of the Major Donors to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California.

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  2. Rob Ohlendorf Says:

    In 2006, in the state of Michigan, United States of America, in the county of Grand Traverse, city of Traverse City, I was charged with possession of child pornography. The felony information stated the “adolescent female” in the video was engaged in a solo sexual act. The affiant was (since-retired) Detective Todd Heller, who is now (April 2015) working for the federal government in the Baltimore, Maryland area and an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, according to his LinkedIn profile. While I was out on bond, Mr. Heller took two videos to State’s pediatrician witness Dr. Cynthia Smith, aka Dr. Cindy Smith, to view and opine the ages of females in the videos – an amateur one (charged) and a professional one (not charged). She opined both to have under-aged females in them. The item not charged originated from a Most Erotic Teens website and had the names Julia and Valentina in the title – both were assumed by me to be youthful-looking adult actresses when I had first taken possession of the video-file via download from the internet. The amateur video, the pediatrician opined, had a female between “14-16, but not 18 due to breast-development”. In 2012, it was proven with identification, contact, and a signed written statement from “Judy” that the lone-female in the amateur video was 18 years old when the video was produced in 1999. This case was prosecuted by former prosecutor Alan Schneider and continued to be handled by Ms. Noelle Moeggenberg who threated to add a 20-year charge (manufacturing because it was “burned” onto CD), in May 2006, to the already 11 years of charges for possession and Michigan’s infamous Use of a Computer to Commit Crime. Needless to say, after a plea was accepted based on my inability to satisfy Michigan’s Affirmative Defense requirement, I did 44 months in Michigan prisons and register as a Sex Offender for, in effect, possessing a legal, adult video – which is protected speech/expression under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. My case exposes a flaw in Michigan’s Child Porn law and it’s only a matter of time before the federal courts will have to eventually address the issue left open in Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition (2002): Can the government burden a speaker to prove his speech is not unlawful? In my case, I was charged and the prosecution normally has the burden of proof, but the Affirmative Defense state’s I had to prove the female was at least 18 in the video and submit this evidence before a trial was to take place or I cannot offer that defense in a trial. My Affirmative Defense evidence wasn’t available to me in 2006 when the case was brought – it came much later in 2012 after the punishment was inflicted. The prosecution exploited this flaw in the law and essentially made me a victim of the State.

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