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Jul 31

This is just a citation which I have taken from the forum of the adult web masters: http://www.greenguyandjim.com/board/showthread.php?t=29840 This is a very strange note! “I have direct evidences that MET-ART has been selling underage porn for the last 7 years … and the leader in online payments CCbill has been processing that CP shit from the beginning till now If somebody is interested here is my email mauriziomaranghi@yahoo.com 
Of course this is a fake. Somebody was annoyed with Mao, because his real address in indicated here. Maurizio Maranghi (Maurizio Maranghi
The Woodlands, 
TX, 77382, USA
 His company name is Hydentra LP.) he is my friend and also he is the owner of the MET-ART. Probably he is the ex-owner of the company, there are a lot of hearings about it but I don not believe that Maurizio left this business willfully.
Why do I write it? I write it because I have got a strong reason to charge Maurizio of unfair competition. Several years ago he tried to remove Petter Hegre from the business, and I also was told that he somehow contributed to my arrest. I can only guess how he managed it but unfortunately I have not got a lot of information about it yet.
What we have got now. Both I and my wife Irina were in the prison. Irina is known as Valentina on the Met-Art. I was in the prison for more than 2 years and my wife was there a little bit less. What has happened? The girl at the time of our part was only 17; she was deliberately misleading us about her real age. She was bringing the certificates of her friends she also gave the telephone to her mother and she assured us that her daughter is 19 years old. On the video she told several times that she is 19 years old… I do not want to discuss it you can find the references to this story on the page of links. The expertise did not find under aged girls in our production! This girl looked older that she was, and at the moment of our acquaintance we already knew that she had already worked as a shop girl and as a dishwasher in the night club. And we are in The Russian Federation, in the country where it was possible since 08.12.2003 to take pictures of 14 years old girls, where the age of agreement is 16 years old, in this country we were put into the prison. The only thing which differs from Europe is that in our country the pornography is forbidden, but there is no any legal determination what pornography means. In my modest opinion the raiders groups which certainly include people from the defense and law enforcement, in our case they were the “К” department and the public prosecutor’s office. All these group use ambiguity of the law in order to take away property and money of people. The same thing has happened to us…..
But let us back to Maurizio. We got to know each other in 1998, and in 2003 he put a lot of my pictures in the window on the Met-Art: http://pornolab.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=890850
 He is still asking his photographers to send him the pictures of the youngest girls. Of course he did not tell in his letters that he needed 14 years old girls but I know exactly that in1999 he showed girls who were from 13 till 16 years on the Sasha’s Fradise site. I have got several statements from the girls who are related to our case. They tell that they were working for the Russian photographers and they were posing for the Met-Art. These photographers told them that they would be posing for the magazine. I remember when Petter Hegre came to Moscow and he also brought a lot of printed covers of the Met’s. It looked like the publications of the magazine. The girls did not know English quite well and that is why they trusted Petter. The model agencies supplied the girls and their age was from 16. He also made shootings when he was on holidays at my place in Volgograd. He worked a lot and he also worked very quickly. According to his words these shootings were just testing but a little bit later the photos of the girls appeared on the Met-Art and on the free galleries of the affiliate program of the Met-Art… It was a tragedy for a lot of girls! Because when they went for taking shootings they were told a fairytale! A lot of girls from Russia believe that abroad in Europe or in The United States of America there is a very good live. They also believe that people from abroad are very fair and honest…. A lot of girls asked me to write Maurizio with a request to remove their photos from the free access. But it was already impossible and Maurizio was just laughing at naïve Russian girls. In this was he treated not just the models. I was asking him to send me money for the photo camera Nikon D1, this photo camera had just appeared on free offer in Moscow. I earned this money by myself but I am an adult person and I did not have grievance. Then the photographers told me that sometimes Maurizio gave prepayment for some prospects, but the payment of the Russian photographers was always too small. I know that I started from the MET-ART, and exactly my models brought the Met-Art their first millions. The models were Julia and Valentina.
Then a lot of Russian and Ukrainian photographers came to Met and they were ready to sell their photos for 1 dollar for the one photo. And he had to pay 25 dollars for one photo to the photographers from Canada with whom he was working. Now he raised the payment of his old workers because they know everything about his secrets. He even pays 2 dollars for the photo to the new photographers. The one thing which has not changed is the age of the models. Maurizio likes young girls because they are being sold better. When after the regular scandal becomes clear that the girl is just 15 years old then he becomes offended and deletes her photos saying “bad Russians” they conned a fair Italian guy once more. Then the story repeats till the next scandal. Nobody is interested to shield Russian girls. I do not like this injustice. In the United States of America schoolgirls are for the high jump because they send their half-nude photos with the use of MMS. And at the same time you can take shootings of Russian girls in different ways because the photographs will be punished and they will have to solve all the troubles. I had the moment in the prison when I promptly needed a financial support! My credit cards and accounts were under the arrest and it was impossible to sell my car. Irina’s mother ( Valentina ), with the use of her miserable retired pay was bringing us parcels into the prison! I wrote a letter to my ex-friend Sveta Nochevnova (CVETA) with a request to give a financial support. She was on the first terms with Maurizio and often talked to him by the phone.1000 dollars would be enough for me! According to my modest accounts Maurizio was earning that time about 1 million dollars per day on the MET-ART. He responded me proudly that his help to me would break his principles. At least Sveta Nochevnova (CVETA) told me like that 
Petter Hegre was well-wishing and he also sent his sincere regards! There was nothing about the financial support.
It is very difficult for me to get accustomed to these things. Not being in the prison was terrible, it was terrible the betrayal and disregard of people whom I used to treat as my friends. Having released from the prison I looked through the sites of Peter (Hegre-Art) and of Maurizio (Met-Art) with a big interest. This is not the Art Maurizio Maranghi used to imagine…This is boring and not interesting to look at! I have been always proud that I was in the foundation of this site. Some people treated me as the one of the founders of the Met-Art on a level with Maurizio Maranghi. And now I am ashamed because of this site. I spent several years of my life and a lot of efforts in order to show on the Internet not just hard porno but I wanted to show tenderness and beauty on the Internet! I do not want to advertise my site Galitsin-News, which was destroyed not without participation of Maurizio Maranghi. But when my site was working it was a specimen of humor, beauty, tenderness and of vitality. We have never presented dolls, our girls were always alive. Now the Met-Art is slowing down the development of natural beauty and of high Art because the photos which are put on this site have turned into soulless stamp. Exclusive handwork and fresh ideas have been always valued in the world. In my point of view that Russian web masters should work with Russian photographers. The Russian Federation must not be a source of raw women’s and adolescent’s meet for the Met-Art.
If the Met-Art wants to exist then in this case they have to work with American photographers and models in order to find out there the legitimacy of shootings and the certificates of the girls. Mauruzio, hands off the Russian girls! I with my wife and with my models brought you enough money. I do not work my children to work for American “kind uncle” Maurizio Maranghi. This is my own point of view and of my wife Irina who is known on the Met-Art as Valentina.
Maurizio Maranghi, Investor, Self Employed
$4,600 to Barack Obama, Obama For America on May 11, 2008

Maurizio Maranghi Contribution List in 2008

Name & Location Employer/Occupation Dollar
Date Primary/
Contibuted To
Maranghi, Maurizio
Self employed/Investor $4,600 05/11/2008 P OBAMA FOR AMERICA – Democrat
Maranghi, Maurizio
Self employed/Investor $-2,300 05/11/2008 P OBAMA FOR AMERICA – Democrat
Maranghi, Maurizio
Self employed/Investor $2,300 05/11/2008 G OBAMA FOR AMERICA – Democrat

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  1. iamblue Says:

    But how old was Valentina when she first started appearing in Galitsin photosets on MET-ART (Most Erotic Teens, at the time) in sets like “Valentina: French Goddess”? She certainly looked like she was in her mid-teens, which of course was part of her appeal.

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